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McMullen Furniture is proud to serve the local area and has always made owning your furniture affordable and without complication. Since the beginning they have offered in house financing up to $1500! That's right. No Banks. No Credit Cards. No financing companies.

Offering  a very generous 1.7% a month interest rate they set themselves above their competition by allowing you to make your payments directly to the store even with little or no credit history.

Want to pay your balance in full? Fantastic! receive a 10% discount on all items when your balance is paid in full at time of initial purchase.

(Cash & Major Credit Cards Accepted)


Apply for financing through Mariner and get the NO MONEY DOWN option!

Get what you need with a personal loan from OneMain.

Tammy Greene

Branch Account Manager

302 Union Avenue

Altoona, Pa 16002

Phone: 814-944-4087 


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